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Automatic Trading Apps and Services.

AutoShares Provides a Financial Marketplace for Financial Apps and Services.

AutoShares integrates with entrepreneurs, developers, and service providers for the development and licensing of automatic trading services to customers.

Developers can integrate if-this-then-that automation (IFTTT), automatic portfolio management systems, robo-advisory platforms, automatic investing, and trade signal publisher services using Developer APIs for Financial Services.

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We Provide Everything You Need To Get Started.

Digital wealth solutions offer growth opportunities within the financial services marketplace.

Developer APIs

Expand your current services or offer the next generation of financial technology with Developer APIs for Financial Services.

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Trade Execution Services

Agency Trade Execution services for most asset classes including Stocks, Options, Bonds, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

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Account Custody and Clearing

Customer accounts are held in custody and securities cleared by RQD Clearing, a proven leader in clearing services.

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